Happy Birthday, Beyoncé: 34 Celebs Bow Down to Queen Bey on Her 34th B’Day

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Beyoncé's best deep cuts.

Happy birthday, Queen Beyoncé!

Today, the woman who may just be the world’s most universally beloved singer and entertainer turns 34. Though she is still quite young, she has achieved an astonishing amount throughout her nearly 20-year career. We aren’t the only ones who think so.

Below, you will find 34 quotes — for her 34th birthday, get it? — from celebrities ranging from Michelle Obama to Oprah to Lady Gaga to Madonna to just about everyone else bowing down in praise of Queen Bey. (There are also 34 GIFs of Bey bey-ing ***flawless, just ‘cuz.) Press play on B’Day, praise Her name, and let us begin…

1) “Beyoncé, in addition to just being just a beautiful young woman, she’s been a role model and a powerful presence for young girls and women all around the world.” – Michelle Obama


2) “Great performers have a sound and style that is all their own. And that’s why so many people love Beyoncé. And so do I.” – Barbara Streisand


3) “Beyoncé is a true, true, true talent, and the last time I worked with someone with that talent and that works fast like that is Aaliyah. Beyonce’s voice has always been amazing, and she’s a good person.” – Missy Elliott


4) “Well, I love Beyoncé more than… I mean, it’s like normal for everyone to love Beyoncé, but I love her more than that amount. Like more than the normal amount… I try really hard not to, like, let it get creepy. I just really, like, channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation.” – Taylor Swift


5) “I’d be Beyoncé. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on this planet. I have never seen someone so beautiful. I was speechless when I met her. I was like, ‘Wow. If i were a guy, i would totally be diggin’ you!’ She’s amazingly beautiful and she’s sweet. She’s so nice and she’s a Texas girl, so she’s got to be cool.” – Kelly Clarkson


6) “You know, I’ve never told Beyoncé this, but I remember laying on my grandmother’s couch crying, and a Destiny’s Child video came on. I remember watching Beyoncé thinking, ‘Oh, she’s a star. I want that. I want to be on MTV.’ And now I’m in music videos with Beyoncé.” – Lady Gaga


7) “I have such a huge girl crush on Beyoncé.” – Laura Carmichael


8) “I admire someone like Beyoncé. She has amazing commitment. I needed to accept that I probably did not fit into that forum. Doing that ‘The Cherry Thing’ record was a big part of finding that place where I belong, where I may shine, but I never doubted it was there.” – Neneh Cherry


9) “Oh my God. I’m such a big Beyoncé fan. Beyoncé just put out a video! You’ve got to see this video! … “I was like, Finallllly. Finally I see you. I don’t see some propaganda version of you. I see you. I relate to who you are.” – Katy Perry


10) “My current role model is Beyoncé. She is such a strong woman. She can do everything. She has kept herself together and has balanced her life perfectly. She is a great singer, great dancer and a great looker and is now a good mother and wife.” – Sunidhi Chauhan


11) “Beyoncé is an unbelievable performer,she is really a real inspiration for me when I get on stage.” – Gwen Stefani


12) “I probably am the biggest Beyoncé fan, I’ve gotta be honest. And I met her backstage, and I was good with that one. Kept my cool. And the second time I met her was at the Grammys, and she remembered me, that was the thing, she went, “Oh, Adele!” … So then I went out to the balcony, fell to my knees, and cried.” – Adele


13) “The first time I met Beyoncé she was about 18 years old, sitting in a makeup chair eating fried chicken, and I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone would know her name.” – Gayle King


14) “I mean, come on, Beyonce’s the queen of pop music. She’s the queen. If you could run for queen… I would put her name in the suggestion box. She’s incredible.” – Darren Criss


15) “When you sing live, you cannot expect any artist, except for the amazing Beyoncé or Gaga, to get it right every time.” – Cher Lloyd


16) “I love who I am and I love my life, but if I could be someone else, I’d be Beyoncé in two seconds.” – Dakota Fanning


17) “She seems to have a relationship with the music … which means that she does it naturally, like really naturally. After one rehearsal we played one of her tunes with my band, because usually she sings with tracks and I wanted to hear her sing with a live band, and it was … [pausing to take out a handkerchief and act like he was wiping away tears,] … you don’t even want to know. It was good.” – Prince


18) “I just want Beyoncé to be the mother of my children.” – Blake Lively


19) “Beyoncé is the most amazing woman in the world.” – Chris O’Dowd


20) “Beyoncé is a beautiful, elegant woman who is also a wonderful dancer. And her voice is sublime. Just like her husband, Jay Z, Beyoncé has real talent. They are both the kind of truly great artist who will be remembered by history. Their child will be lucky to have such talented parents.” – Azzedine Alaia


21) “If you don’t like Beyoncé, then it’s hard for me to trust you. It’s like not liking world peace.” – Seinabo Sey


22) “I like her. She’s glamorous and seems to be very intelligent. She’s classy.” – Eartha Kitt


23) “Beyoncé was just always full-out. She’s like a beast. So you learn that no matter how you feel, just do it. Just like Nike: ‘Just Do It.'” – Heather Morris


24) “You know what I thought it was, watching [Beyoncé at the Super Bowl]? I thought, ‘That is where art meets God.'” – Oprah


25) “She is so hot. Thank God for her, because I think everybody was starting to forget what star power really means. Everybody else can front like they have it, but Beyoncé’s got it. She’ll be around forever, because she has not lost herself at any point. In this industry, I’ve been disappointed by a lot of people I’ve heard about, but everyone across the board has something nice to say about Beyoncé.” – Anne Hathaway


26) “She makes songs that will live forever. But actually, there’s a lot of people who will just live because she fulfilled her destiny.” – Bono


27) “Do I like Beyoncé? Of course I do!! Who doesn’t? She’s a beautiful talented singer that I admire very much.” – David Beckham


28) “Beyoncé needs to stick around. I am proud of her and hope she continues to do well. She has great pipes.” – Diana Ross


29) “Beyoncé has made history, and she’s not even 30 yet.” – Stevie Wonder


30) “It’s a little hard to put her in any particular category. Being an artist as a singer, and she’s an actress, she’s an entrepreneur. She inspired me to want to be more of an artist.” – Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds


31) “Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!” – Kanye West


32) “I love Beyoncé. Beyonce is fabulous. I think she a great writer, a great singer. You know, she’s a sweet person as well, very sweet.” – Mariah Carey


33) “Incredible voice.” – Madonna


34) “She is, I mean… ugh. Just her name alone defines greatness. Just her, like… that push, that every woman wants to be that driven.” – Nicki Minaj


Happy birthday, Beyoncé! Here’s to 34 more years of ***flawlessness!

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