#MCM: 18 Pics of Chris Evans That Prove He Can Work Any Red Carpet

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Not only is Chris Evans making his directorial debut in Before We Go, but he’s Celebuzz’s Man Crush Monday

The actor and his perfect beard have rocked so many red carpets, some of which include the premiere of Fantastic FourCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, What’s Your Number?, The Avengersand more.

However, none are as important as the premiere of the film that he stars and directs. His romantic comedy/drama follows aspiring musician Nick (Evans) whose chance encounter with Brooke (Alice Eve) leads to an all-night adventure in New York City.

I feel extra pressure every day of my life! Yeah, sure it’s daunting. It’s on you and I’m a first-timer, so you know it’s kind of trial by fire.

Hopefully on the next one I can have a smaller role where I can actually spend more time in the director’s chair. This is actually very honest and painful and truthful, but no one is going to let me direct a movie unless I put myself in it. It’s just the nature of how films are made right now.

Besides working on Before We Go, the 34-year-old is busy filmingCaptain America: Civil War and focusing on himself. Evans admits that he enjoys a little “me” time every once and a while. He also says that he plans to be the only Captain America for as long as he can: “Listen, if Marvel wants me, they got me,” he said.

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