Coco Flaunts Her Baby Bump in a NSFW Thong Bikini

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Coco, who is currently expecting her first child with Ice-T, is showing off her baby bump from all angles — and we mean all the angles. Taking to Facebook, the model is leaving little to the imagination as she bares her baby belly in one of her signature barely-there thong bikinis.

She writes in a post that has since been removed, “For some reason many of you have been asking weeks now to see my baby bump in a swimsuit! And of course I had to do it, Coco style and rep in a micro bikini…..”

“Well, I’ve been waiting sometime to take this cuz as u can see if u look at me from the front its very hard to see my lump but from the side its getting more visible,” she continues. “If you look at all angles I truly believe keeping fit (thanks to my workout app > ) I have really benefited. I am 26 weeks already. I can’t believe I’m nearing my 3rd triemister [sic].”

Coco, 36, is reportedly pregnant with a girl. According to her, she plans to name her baby Chanel after famous fashion designer Coco Chanel.