Breaking Hair News: Justin Bieber Has Platinum Blonde Hair Again

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Biebs Gets Acoustic
This is how Justin Bieber celebrated his first #1 hit, "What Do You Mean."

Beliebers who camped out for days and braved the overnight rainstorm got more than they bargained for Thursday morning: a new Justin Bieber hair color.

With Bieber Fever in full force (again), the Biebs took to The Today Show stage to perform three songs, including his new single “What Do You Mean,” for his soaking wet fans. Then came the new hair:

Of course, true Beliebers know this isn’t the first time the 21-year-old has gone platinum. The Canadian superstar had shiny, bright hair late last year.

Bieber’s Today Show visit also included a quick chat inside the NBC studio:

On his recent wave of emotions: “It just feels so great to just feel the acceptance… it shows that they’re for me and not against me… I just feel judged. It’s hard but I’m feeling more confident.”

On his hair: “[It took] about two and a half hours.” (And no, it’s not from a bottle).

On whether or not he’d consider performing at next year’s Super Bowl… with Taylor Swift: “I’d be interested. I think that would be great. I’m down.”

Even though he swears he never left and only did some “soul searching,” welcome back, Biebs.