Amy Schumer Tells Stephen Colbert She Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake

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Amy Chugs Wine
Amy Schumer lets it rip in Her New HBO stand-up special, Live at The Apollo Theater.

Friday night, Amy Schumer turned up to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and admitted that she once lived in a two-bedroom apartment owned by Jake Gyllenhaal that he rented out to her and her sister and ate some of his cake.

On the show, she confessed to Stephen Colbert that she went through all of Jake’s stuff to try and find some juicy dirt, but was disappointed to find that he left it “gutted.”

However, she said that she did find a frozen cake in the freezer. Schumer said she would get drunk and eat the cake and pretend to be at a party where the cake was being served.

In fact, she videotaped herself eating the cake and shared a clip with the show. Once again, Amy proves that you can have your frozen cake and eat it too—even if it is Jake Gyllenhaal’s.