WATCH: Liam Hemsworth Talks Shooting Sex Scenes with Kate Winslet in ‘The Dressmaker’

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In case you were wondering, Liam Hemsworth, doesn’t care for filming sex scenes.

But he explains it’s not filming the sex scene itself that he doesn’t like, it’s the part after where he’s standing around in his underwear.

On his sex scenes with The Dressmaker co-star Kate Winslet, Hemsworth told E! news, “It’s always pretty awkward when you have to take off your pants in front of the crew and other actors and all that stuff. During the scene, it’s fine. You don’t feel uncomfortable whilst the cameras are rolling. As soon as it’s cut, and you’re standing around and you’re in your underwear, chatting to the crew…That’s when it’s weird and uncomfortable.”

He goes on to talk about his abs.

liam hemsworth abs

That is all.

Hemsworth plays Winslet’s lover in The Dressmaker, a “revenge comedy drama” based on the novel of the same name by Rosalie Ham about a woman sent away from her rural town in Australia at the age of 10 because of false murder accusations. Later in life, she becomes an expert dressmaker in Paris, and returns home to take care of her ailing mother. Using her beautiful creations, she gets revenge on the townspeople who wrongly accused her with murder.

Not simply a female revenge story, however, Winslet told Salon, “To me it’s a gothic comedy, a dark comedy … [with] a profound story at its heart.”

On feminism, Winslet went on to add,

I think it’s quite dangerous to kind of label things in that way. The word feminism, being a feminist, they’re both strong profound statements that can speak huge volumes, and I’m not necessarily sure that I would apply that to this film, it’s just fucking cool that you’ve got this amazingly strong woman at the heart of this story and that she happens to get revenge at the end, it’s just super great.

On being younger than Winslet (she’s 39 and he’s 25), Hemsworth commented,

It was something I was sort of worried about in the beginning. I felt like I was possibly too young to play this part because in this film we’re seen as the same age, around the same age… But onscreen — Kate is such a beautiful woman and I have a beard in the film so I look quite a bit older, so I don’t think it’s an issue at all… She looks really young and I look weathered and old.

The Dressmaker premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and will be released Oct. 29.

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