No, Ian Somerhalder Isn’t in Love Nina Dobrev… His Twitter Just Got Hacked

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev at Coachella
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‘Password123’ wasn’t a strong enough password, Ian Somerhalder. You might want to change it to something a little harder to guess.

Okay, so we don’t really know what Ian’s Twitter password is, but someone else did. The Vampire Diaries star joined the honorary club of Celebrities-Whose-Twitters-Have-Been-Hacked, and things got a little awkward.

A user who identified themselves as ‘@clou9nin3’ (whose account has now been suspended) barged into Ian’s Twitter account, said a bunch of random things and then was kicked off. And one of those things included professing his or her love for Ian’s ex-girlfriend and former co-star, Nina Dobrev.

The hacker’s somewhat bland comments include, “Can someone get me in contact with Ian please?” and “Mr. Robot is a fantastic TV series.”

See a few of the now-deleted tweets below:

Ian Somerhalder Twitter hack
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This isn’t even the first time Somerhalder’s Twitter has been taken over by trolls. There was the summer of ’13 when Ian shared a screenshot of an interaction he had with a hacker. And just last April someone logged in under his name to have some fun favoriting some tweets. To which Ian responded:

It may be time to beef up security.