This Is How Jake Gyllenhaal Reacted to Amy Schumer Eating His Cake

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Amy Schumer Tells Stephen Colbert She Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake
Amy found an old cake in the freezer and tells Colbert about it...

Jake Gyllenhaalhas the perfect response to Amy Schumer eating the frozen cake he left in the house he rented out to her.

A little backstory: Amy appeared on Stephen Colbert‘s Late Show last Friday (Sept. 11) to share a fun little story and video to go along with it. Schumer said she was renting out Gyllenhaal’s 2-bedroom Los Angeles home when she found an old frozen cake in his freezer. So, naturally, the comedian said she would get drunk, eat the cake, and pretend to converse with Jake (who she has only met once.)

Watch the video below:

And now, we present to you Jake’s response. The actor showed up to the Late Show last night (Tuesday, Sept. 15) and had something short but sweet to say regarding Amy eating his forgotten freezer cake.

Colbert plopped half of a frozen cake onto his desk to offer the actor a bite and a chance to send a message back to Amy. That’s when Jake laughed and said, “Hey, princess. What’s going on?”

Something tells us Amy will be happy to hear about this.