TBT: 5 Emmy-Worthy GIFs from Andy Samberg’s 2005 YouTube Video ‘The Backseatsman’

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You know that weird friend that you had in college who took a few years following graduation to launch a YouTube channel and make comedy videos that were more often than not just “haha” funny? Well, that guy is named Andy Samberg and he’s now hosting the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Samberg created the comedy troupe The Lonely Island with high school friends Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone in 2001. Among the first YouTubers, their sketches found their way into the hands of Jimmy Fallon and eventually Lorne Michaels, which developed into careers on Saturday Night Live.

In this throwback Lonely Island sketch called “The Backseatsman” dated from 2005, Samberg is a ye olde Backseatsman, which is the Loch Ness Monster of your U.S. history textbook. The six-minute video is everything you’d expect out of a young comedy troupe “film”—slow in parts with excessive insert shots of items that could have been cut. However, it is all that we hope to seeat the Emmy Awards out of the screechy Samberg that we know and love.

Presenting 5 Emmy-Worthy GIFs from Andy Samberg’s 2005 YouTube Gem “The Backseatsman”.

First, we have Samberg fellating a Blow Pop.

CREDIT: YouTube, The Lonely Island

Then, this elementary version of a mic drop.

CREDIT: YouTube, The Lonely Island

Third, we have a baby Samberg dreaming of the day when he would host an awards show representative of the American culture.

CREDIT: YouTube, The Lonely Island

Hi, Andy. Tell us how you really feel about climate change and global warming.

CREDIT: YouTube, The Lonely Island

And finally, a vision of Samberg being carted away after his emceeing duties have drained him of his comedic energies at the end of the night.

CREDIT: YouTube, The Lonely Island

The 67th Emmy Awards will broadcast live on Sunday, Sept. 20 at  pm EST on FOX.

Watch Samberg’s sketch in the video featured at the top of the page!