Ryan Adams Is Releasing That Taylor Swift Cover Album, Listen to ‘Bad Blood’

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CREDIT: Ryan Adams, Instagram
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He’s doing it. This is all happening.

Remember how we all collectively gasped, grew excited, and then utterly confused when unsuspecting Taylor Swift stan Ryan Adams announced that he was recording a cover album of 1989? Well gird your loins folks, because it’s finally on the way.

Ok here it is! 1989! Digital 9/21 Bad Blood premiere on @ZaneLowe @Beats1 9am Pacific time : )

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Adams announced on Instagram that the due date for his T. Swift tribute is set for Sept. 21 with pre-orders beginning at 9 pm PST through iTunes.

As an added bonus, Adams unveiled his take on “Bad Blood”on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, which you can listen to in the player embedded here (ironic, considering ‘Dear Apple Music‘).

At the top of the track, Lowe announces that will be interviewing Adams on Beats 1 on Monday, Sept 21 with a “special guest” on the phone.

Appropriately, “special guest” is very excited by the thrill of it all.