10 Best Emmy Awards Moments of All Time

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Bryan Cranston kisses Julia Louis-Dreyfus on stage at the Emmy Awards
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The Top 8 Moments From the 2014 Emmy Awards
The best moments from the 2014 Emmys...

Television’s biggest night has produced some unforgettable moments.

And as Andy Samberg gears up to host this year’s 2015 Emmy Awards, we’re taking a look back at some of our all-time favorite moments from the event through the years.

Here are our top ten favorite moments from the Emmys:

10. All 6 Outstanding Lead Actresses in a Comedy Nominees Take the Stage Together

We love a group of funny women. Back in 2011 at the Emmy Awards, all six nominees (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy, Martha Plimpton, Edie Falco, Tina Fey, Laura Linney) took the stage together to hear who would take home the award. McCarthy ended up winning for Mike & Molly, but they were all winners in our book.

9. Ricky Gervais Asks Steve Carrell For His Emmy Back

Whatever Steve Carrell does is hilarious. So when he took the stage in 2007 to accept the Emmy for Ricky Gervais in his absence, we knew Ricky’d have something to say about it. And he did. The following year at the 2008 Emmy Awards he took the stage and demanded Steve give him his award back in a hilariously awkward speech.

8. Helen Mirren’s Cuss-Filled Speech Slips Past The Sensors

Everything Helen Mirren says in her beautiful accent sounds classy. So, nobody (especially not the show’s producers) were expecting it when the actress let a few cuss words fly while accepting her award for Best Actress in a Mini Series or Movie in 2006 for The Queen. “My great triumph is not falling ass over tit as I came up those stairs,” she said.

7. Matthew Perry Kisses Doris Roberts

The year was 2003, and the hot topic was awards show kisses. Brad Garrett kissed Garry Shandling earlier in the night, so Matthew Perry must have felt inspired. The Friends star planted a big fat juicy kiss on Doris Roberts as she accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and her reaction was priceless.


6. The Lonely Island’s Hilarious Medley

The trio made famous by Saturday Night Live invaded the 2011 Emmys to perform a hilarious and star-studded medley of a few of their best songs, including “I Just Had Sex,” “Jack Sparrow,” and “3-Way.”


5. Merritt Wever Keeps Her Speech Short & Sweet

In a world where acceptance speeches run long and boring, Merritt Wever broke away from the pack. When the Nurse Jackie star won for Best Supporting Actress in 2013, she said simply, “Thank you so much! Um… I gotta go. Bye.”

4. Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Present Together

You really can’t go wrong by putting Jon Stewartand Stephen Colberttogether in front of an audience. And when they presented the award in 2006 for Best Competition Reality Show, they had everyone in the crowd (including Harrison Ford) in stitches.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Asks, ‘Why Is Matthew McConaughey Here?’

“No offense, but how many of those speeches of yours are we supposed to sit through?” Jimmy Kimmel asked the audience at the 2014 Emmys. Matthew McConaughey was nominated for his role in True Detective, and Jimmy jokingly grilled him for being nominated for too many awards.

2. Jimmy Fallon & His ‘Born To Run’ Opening Number

Jimmy Fallon enlisted the help of the entire cast of Glee and a bunch of other stars to take part in an epic opening montage for the 2010 Emmys. The result is nothing short of awesome.

1. Bryan Cranston & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Share A Steamy Kiss

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus was named Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Bryan Cranston intercepted her before she could take the stage. The two locked lips in a totally steamy little make out session as a callback to the time they played lovers on a few episodes of Seinfeld.

Catch the 67th Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20th on FOX.