Kendall Jenner Talks Caitlyn’s Transition: ‘I’ve Known For a Very Long Time’

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Caitlyn Jenner’s transition has been one of the biggest stories of the year. But for her daughter Kendall, the change has been anything but a surprise.

In a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily, published over the weekend, the 19-year-old model says the experience has been “a ride” and “adjustment.”

“It’s something you have to get used to. But I’ve known since I was a kid. He never confirmed it to me, but I’ve known for a very long time. It’s the same person. My dad says it herself sometimes, it’s kind of like mourning the loss of someone, because it is.”

As for what she calls Caitlyn besides her new name, “dad” is still OK.

“My dad is my dad, but he’s not there physically anymore. But she lets me call her dad — that’s the last little piece of dad I’ve got.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kendall reveals that despite having more social media followers than you ever will (she’s currently ruling 12.6 million Twitter fans and 37.1 million Instagram users), social media has taken a backseat in her busy life.

“I don’t need it to affect my life. So I’d rather just not look at anything. You can get a million comments about how beautiful you look and how awesome you are, but the one comment that says they hate you and you’re ugly is the one that sticks.”

Kendall, who calls herself “the most private out of my family,” also says she doesn’t tweet as much as she used to “because it’s just giving people too much room to judge. I love posting a good picture, though.”

For those who are still undecided on the seriousness of Kendall’s modeling career, consider this: she’s one of the highest-paid models in the world, making a cool $4 million per year; she’s currently the face of Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein Underwear; she’s got a 10-year plan.

“In 10 years, I hope to be doing this still [representing Lauder]. I hate saying it, because I don’t ever want to sound too cocky, but I want to be one of the best. I want to be like a Christy Turlington, still doing my craft and still killing it. I want longevity and to be able to do this for a really long time.”

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