Azealia Banks Goes on a Homophobic Rant, Assaults Airplane Passenger

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Someone is really bitter about the BET Awards.

Apparently, the skies aren’t so friendly for Azealia Banks.

The rapper, who’s more known for her online tirades and feud with Iggy Azalea these days, went on a homophobic tirade during a flight from New York to Los Angeles on Tuesday, allegedly assaulting a passenger before the police were called.

According to TMZ, the kerfuffle began when Banks, 24, ignored common courtesy tried to get ahead of two French passengers that were taking their luggage out of the overhead compartment after their flight had landed a Los Angeles International Airport around 1 a.m. When one of the passengers put out his hand to stop her from pushing pass them in the aisle, Banks reportedly lost it and spat on the man.

An eyewitness also said Banks punched the French passenger in the face and clawed at his shirt before flight attendants intervened.

When a Delta employee tried to stop Banks by holding her bag, the “212” emcee then unleashed her fury on him by calling him a “f**king f*ggot” and claimed that she was in a rush to leave. The co-pilot was then called out to defuse the situation, but Banks reportedly dropped her cellphone and ran off the plane when she was informed that police have been dispatched.

Despite her attempt to flee the scene, authorities met up with Banks at baggage claim, where she told them that the French passenger had actually hit her in the face instead. “I don’t tolerate bitchassness and I don’t tolerate men putting their hands on me,” she reportedly told the cops.

TMZ reports that the passenger did not wish to file charges as he was on vacation and did not want the hassle.

Watch some of Azealia’s rant — including when she decided to drop two f-words — in the video below.