WATCH: This Adorable Baby Is the Worst Dog Walker In the World

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Bulldog vs. Stairs
Firsts are hard, especially for teeny tiny puppies...

Maybe Bernie the English bulldog should meet Dwayne Johnson’s French bulldog puppy Brutus.

Our second Cute Dog Refuses to Walk post of the day stars an 11-month-old child and an 80-pound English bulldog. We may not be award-winning mathematicians, but it doesn’t take much to compute that those numbers don’t mesh well together.

In a video you’re about to watch more than once, shared earlier this week by the boy’s mother, sweet Bernie decides he’s better off without a walk of any kind. It takes a short while for his mini counterpart to catch up, but the moment is worth every bit of your time.

Watch it all go down, above.

[h/t Mashable]