Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta and Glen Powell Go Shirtless for ‘Scream Queens’ Premiere

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Last night’s (Sep. 22, 2015) premiere of Scream Queens gave us plenty to squeal about in the skin department.

Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta and Glen Powell were all featured shirtless at some point during the first episode of Ryan Murphy’s horror/comedy.

Scream Queens follows in the footsteps of both meta horror films like Scream and the anthology aspect of American Horror Story. Someone new will die in every episode, and if the show gets another season, co-creator Ryan Murphy has hinted that it will feature an entirely different mystery.


Plus, the show isn’t afraid to kill off the big names early on. Pop star Ariana Grande may have survived the cold open, but she didn’t make it out of the first hour of the show’s season premiere alive. So anyone, and we mean anyone, is fair game going forward.

Plus, is Nick Jonas really dead? At least we were treated to a couple of shirtless scenes. Launch the gallery and enjoy all the shirtlessness from episode one of Scream Queens.