Here’s a Video of Tyga Calling Kylie Jenner His ‘Fiancée’

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Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s relationship status reached an exciting note on Wednesday night as the couple spent part of their evening on Snapchat. Between clips and images of what appears to be Kylie’s legs, Tyga driving and their new puppy, this gem was aired for all to enjoy:

Yes, that’s Tyga muttering something about how it’s just “me, my fiancée, this little dog I just got.” If you’ve been keeping up with the 25-year-old rapper and his 18-year-old significant other, you know that they’ve hinted at the E-word on more than one occasion.

But before you dream about making the list to a wedding that will surely be filled with expensive cars and green hair, consider this video of the rapper Logic, as shared by none other than Tyga earlier in the day:

Engaged or not, it’s nice to see a young couple make fun of how much attention they’ve received over whether or not he put a ring on it. Speaking of which, let’s take another look at the sparkler, shall we?

kylie jenner's ring
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This has been another edition of Is Kylie Jenner Really Engaged? We really cannot wait to see what happens next, on or off Snapchat.

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