WATCH: Raven-Symoné Claims She Was Forced to Wear a Fat Suit on Her Cancelled ABC Sitcom

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That’s so not Raven.

The View‘s discussion on fat-shaming in the television industry prompted Raven-Symoné to reveal that she was forced to wear a fat suit when she lost weight prior to filming her short-lived ABC sitcom State of Georgia.

“It’s funny because I feel when I lost my weight, like big-girl season came,” Symoné described of TV’s climate on body image during the series’ production. “It was like so many big girls that are now famous and I was over here, starving.”

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg voiced her opinion, asserting, “You were famous. You were a big girl and you were famous.”

Symoné responded preemptively,

“You don’t even know what I went through, Whoopi.”

It turns out that Goldberg knew exactly what she was going through when she shared an anecdote from her career when the producer of a show for which she was auditioning was upset to discover that she had lost weight.

“I showed up and the guy goes, ‘Where’d you go?'” Goldberg explains.

Symoné explodes, “That happened to me!”

State of Georgia was taken off of the ABC lineup after its first season due to poor ratings.

Watch Symoné discuss her experience in the video featured at the top of the page.