Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Is Already Making More Money Than You

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Farrah Abrahamthe woman behind Backdoor Teen Mom and a reality star who once threatened to kill her co-stars over a pair of flip-flops, is not the only one making bank these days. The 24-year-old’s daughter, Sophia, is also rolling in dough.

Little Sophia, six, just received a whopping £900 — the equivalent of $1,400 U.S. — from her mother for losing a tooth. Yes, a damn tooth.

Naturally, Abraham shamelessly flaunted her wealth her daughter’s presents from the “Tooth Fairy” on Twitter. Making her daughter pose with a bundle of cash, the former Teen Mom star tweeted a photo detailing exactly what she gave Sophia for the milestone. She wrote:

Previously, Abraham gifted little Sophia $600 for losing her two front teeth. As per usual, Abraham used the opportunity to show her followers just how much money she has to burn by photographing her daughter in front of six crisp $100 bills fanned out on a night stand.

Because, like, she’s not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom.