WATCH: Lana Del Rey Is Thirsty, Gets Wet in ‘Music to Watch Boys To’ Video

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'High by the Beach' Video
Watch Lana blow up a helicopter.

It’s possible Lana Del Rey‘s new music “Music to Watch Boys To” video will quench your thirst, but in all honesty, it more likely to make you even thirstier.

Today (Sept. 30), Lana shared her long-awaited “Music” video as, we’d like to think, one final goodbye kiss to summer. (Tomorrow is October 1, after all.) It follows the memorable “High by the Beach” video released last month. (You will remember it as the one in which she blew a helicopter out of the sky with a bazooka.)

The “Music” video features, mostly, Lana and a bevy of other women floating around in water that looks as though it is being lit with light sent directly from heaven. It also features Lana lounging, listening to music on headphones adorned with large flowers. (Vaginal metaphor.) It also features some shirtless male basketball players filmed in slow motion. It also features flowers opening in slow motion. (Vaginal metaphor.)┬áParched? You should be.

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Lana’s third album, Honeymoon, recently debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s Album 200 chart and garnered mostly positive reviews. And understandably: the album’s pretty damn good.