The ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Opening Credits Are Here, and You May Need to Watch Through Your Fingers

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AHS: Hotel
Watch the first footage from the new season.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout the varied seasons of American Horror Story: the main title sequences are always (gorgeously) terrifying. The opening credits for Hotel have just been released, and they are no exception.

Today (Oct. 1, 2015) show co-creator Ryan Murphy shared the main title sequence for the fifth season of FX’s popular drama. They are, to put it bluntly, disturbing as f***.

You will note the names of all of the actors you’re excited to see this year — Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, and, of course, Lady Gaga — along with flashes of The Ten Commandments. You will also note bodies ripping their way out of mattresses, ghost children, blood dripping down the walls, kids in gas masks, and — gah, the horror is just too much! Seriously, the sequence is creepy as all hell. Seriously:


American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. on FX. Check in on time… or else…