Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Admits to Drug Addiction, Rehab: ‘If I Can Change, You Can Change’

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CREDIT: Chet Hanks, Instagram

Chet Hanks is making great strides in his life and is encouraging others to do the same.

Tom Hanks‘ son took to Instagram to clear up rumors that he had gone missing by revealing, instead, that he had been in rehab overcoming a personal battle of drug addiction.

In a series of videos, Chet describes rehabilitative journey as an attempt to “get [his] shit together” and confirms that he’s doing better already.

“I just really had to take a look at myself and my life … and just finally admit to myself that it wasn’t working,”

The rapper says that the only way he knew that he could kick the bad habit was by going cold turkey, giving up drugs and alcohol. He also admits to selling cocaine and smoking crack to the point of bodily harm.


The 25-year-old also apologized for his prior use of the N-word on social media that put him under heavy media scrutiny, admitting that the pressure of a famous family weighs heavy on his desire to fit in.


He ends his series of videos with advice to those who are also facing problems with addiction. “If you’re struggling with this shit, take yourself to a meeting,” he urges. “Call some people.”

Click here to watch the full stream of videos on Chet’s Instagram account.