WATCH: YouTube Star PewDiePie Teaches Stephen Colbert Swedish Curse Words

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YouTube and television collided last night (Oct. 1) as Felix Kjellberg made his Late Show debut. 

Although you may not be able to pronounce his last name, Kjellberg is undoubtedly the “Emperor of the Internet,” as Stephen Colbert put it. With over 39 million subscribers and over ten BILLION views on YouTube, it seemed about time the Swedish star stopped by The Late Show.

His subscribers (again, there are more of them than the entire population of Canada) already know that PewDiePie has recently released his mobile game PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, and he’s been in the US for the past month working on a super secret television project.

“Welcome to television. This is a steam-powered medium that runs on coal that your grandparents invented,” Colbert joked before asking Felix flat-out if he even watched television. “I kind of unplug, to be honest,” PewDiePie answered. And who can blame him? The guy spends most of his time on YouTube, keeping his many viewers entertained with new videos regularly.

Then, after accidentally dropping the f-bomb, Felix and Colbert launched into a fun segment featuring Swedish swear words, and it was a great time all around.

Watch the video above to see PewDiePie teach Stephen some very bleep-able words!