Lady Gaga Talks About the Isolation of Fame

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Lady Gaga opened up about the isolation of fame
Lady Gaga's 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Role Made Her Feel 'Alive'
Lady Gaga is feeling super invigorated and blessed...

It isn’t easy being famous.

Lady Gaga sat down with E! News to talk about her new starring role on American Horror Story: Hotel but also the perils of fame, something she’s known ever since she moved into the public eye in her early twenties.

Now, at 29, Gaga says she has to differentiate between people who genuinely want to get to know her, and those who have other intentions. “[W]hen you meet people in public, 99 percent of the time, people aren’t that interested in really getting to know me,” she says. “There’s sort of a wall between us that they think something of me that I’m not. I’m really just a human being that makes this…stuff.”

Currently, that ‘stuff’ is Gaga’s new role as The Countess, which people can’t stop buzzing about. Gaga says she’s grateful for series creator Ryan Murphy for helping her to feel more relaxed and like a ‘normal’ person on set.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been now, because the people that I work with really, really care that my life is different and really, really work to make sure that I feel as normal as possible—so that I can have a great time and just be a normal girl, and just be a woman for Ryan on film, or you know… a hemophiliac.”

The singer and actress goes on to share her hope that kindness can spread around Hollywood, to make sure that ‘we’re all OK.’

“I really hope, more than anything that anyone could take away from me being on Horror Story, I’d really, really like for artists and their managers and people in any industry to know the importance of caring for people that you work with, and keeping them in a good mental state and taking care of their health and making sure that we’re all OK. It’s important to work hard, and making money is important to survive, but what’s more important is that we support one another through the challenges of life.”

Catch the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel Oct. 7 on FX.