Julianna Margulies Blesses Us with Her Beauty Secrets

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If there’s a fountain of youth, it’s over at Juianna Margulies‘ place.

And luckily, the Golden Globe-winning actress is giving fans an inside look at her beauty regime. When talking to New Beauty, the Good Wife star opened up about her tips and tricks for looking and feeling great at any age.

Juianna knows exercise is an important part of feeling her best. “I actually get relaxed when I work out. I get into a zone when I sweat. My body feels fluid and relaxed,” she says, adding that she gets her sweat on at least four times a week. “Sweating detoxifies your skin,” she adds.

Speaking of skin, the 49-year-old’s number one secret for great skin is sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen. “I know it sounds mundane, but I’m all about telling people to stay out of the sun! You have to wear SPF whether it is hot or cold, summer or winter,” she says. Julianna also told the publication she tries to stay away from foundation, and only wears it when she’s working.

Then there’s the hair. Julianna’s known for her sleek, shiny do, but according to the actress, she’s got a bit of a frizz problem. “The frizz factor of my hair has plagued me my entire life. And, it changed so dramatically after I had my baby—all of a sudden, it was limp and straight, then it went back to frizzy and curly. Most of the time, I wear it back. It’s just easier when it’s out of my face,” she says, adding that serums help tame the flyaways.

Lastly, Margulies says body scrubs are her ultimate way of keeping her skin soft and smooth. “I’m obsessed with having soft skin. It makes me feel good in my clothes, good in my body and happy when someone touches me.”

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