Keira Knightley’s Broadway Performance Cancelled Due to Injury

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Minor injury causes Keira Knightley to cancel Broadway performance
CREDIT: FameFlynet

Hopefully Keira Knightley is okay!

The Roudabout Theatre Company was forced to cancel their performance last night (Oct. 7) because the star of the show wasn’t able to perform. They said Keira encountered a “minor injury” and they expect her to return to the stage in tonight’s performance (Oct. 8).

This isn’t the first time Keira’s debut Broadway show, ‘Therese Raquin,’ has made headlines. As we reported, a man interrupted a preview performance of the production on Oct.1 by shouting from the mezzanine. Bystanders of the show reported that the man shouted, threw flowers and even proposed to Knightley before he was escorted out of the theater. After a brief pause, the show later resumed.

Maybe there’s some bad juju going on with the venue. The Studio 54 Theatre also happens to be the same place where Shia LaBeouf was arrested on Jun. 27, 2014 for disorderly conduct after interrupting a performance of Cabaret.

Hopefully Keira feels better soon, because the show must go on!