LISTEN: Ciara’s ‘Paint It, Black’ Cover Makes Your Dad’s Rock Music Sound Kinda Sexy

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Just listen.

So we’ve heard Ciara hypothesize the benefits of gender reversal and teasePetey Pablo with her “Goodies“, but this new cover of the Rolling Stones‘ “Paint It Black” will awaken a dark part of your id that you may be bashful to discover.

The R&B singer’s take on the rock and roll classic will be featured on the soundtrack for The Last Witch HunterVin Diesel‘s action film out in theaters on Oct. 23. Ciara told Rolling Stone that the vampy “Paint It, Black” revamp came as a thrilling artistic surprise.

“The direction that [producer Adrianne Gonzales] went in was actually a sound I’ve always wanted to play with,” she explains to the publication. “I feel like it pushes the edge and the limit for me, in reference to what people probably expect from me. So this was so many cool things in one.”

Ciara shared this haunting preview of her new track on Twitter on Oct. 8.


Click here to listen to Ciara’s “Paint It, Black” on Rolling Stone.