Emma Roberts Talks Playing the Girl You Love to Hate on ‘Scream Queens’

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Emma Roberts Teen Vogue

Emma Roberts isn’t a mean girl in real life, but she plays one on TV.

The 24-year-old actress sat down with Teen Vogue to talk about her latest onscreen venture, Scream Queens, a comedy/murder mystery/horror show on FOX starring Emma, Jamie Lee Curtis, and more.

“Chanel is a mean girl and says things that I definitely don’t agree with, but I like that there’s a layer of smartness to her,” Roberts says about her character. “I try to come from a place of understanding. Still, there are definitely times when I’m apologizing to all of the girls when we say ‘cut.’”

Emma says she actually came to director Ryan Murphy with an important question about her character. “Ryan has written Chanel to be very articulate, clever, and fierce. I actually called him and was like, ‘Is she too mean? Are people going to hate her?’ And he said, ‘No, they’re going to love to hate her,’” she said.

Emma Roberts Teen Vogue
CREDIT: Matteo Montanari/Teen Vogue

If you think Emma’s used to the horror genre by now, you’d be wrong. Although she’s starred in Scream 4, American Horror Story and her upcoming movie, Nerve, she’s just as freaked out by scary movies as the next person. “I’m the biggest scaredy-cat of them all. My friends don’t even want me to see scary movies with them, because they know that they’ll have to sleep over after or that I’ll be calling them all night thinking that a ghost is in the house.”

Emma also talked about life on set in New Orleans, where the show shoots. She said despite the sorority setting, the entire cast gets along quite well. Including Ariana Grande, Lea MicheleKeke Palmer, and Abigail Breslin.

“[W]e all really love each other! The other day we were saying, ‘If nobody got along, that would be so bad!’” She said. “I’m the camp counselor because I know all of the spots to eat and where to go, because this is my third year being here after American Horror Story. We’re always texting each other; we pick each other up for work; we go get pizza or coffee together. It doesn’t feel like I’m just going to work every morning.”