Instant Follow Friday: John Mayer Loves His Dog, His Guitars, and His Watches

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Adorable dog: check. Glasses: check. Guitar: check. Velvety voice: check.

Lothario or not, John Mayer had us from the moment he sang “your body is a wonderlanddd” (circa 2002).

Musicians, amiright? In honor of Mayer’s 38th birthday today (Oct. 16), we’re celebrating him for Instant Follow Friday.

We all know Mayer as the talented singer-songwriter who took a couple steps back from the media/life after he “kiss and told” and said some unflattering things about his high-profile ex-girlfriends in interviews. But he’s since focused on being a reformed ego-maniac and getting back to the heart and soul of his music. Thank goodness too, because douchey is never a good look on anyone.

Mayer also happens to be the definition of “man and his best friend,” which has us swooning for all kinds of reasons:

Current mood

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In addition, he’s a watch aficionado, and his collection reportedly values in the millions.

Sunday Fun… Black Mickey Daytona.

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But aside from his charming smile and eclectic style, we all fell in love with John Mayer a little bit at one point in time because of that crooning voice and those guitar skills of his. Here are some videos of him player for your viewing pleasure:

Friend of the Devil (1) A video posted by johnmayer (@johnmayer) on

In addition to his talent as a musician, Mayer is quite the witty and clever tweeter. Check out some of his best most recent tweets below, and be sure to follow him on Instagram @johnmayer and on Twitter @johnmayer.

Also check out the gallery above for his best (i.e. most handsome) selfies and cutest photos with his pup.