Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence on Lamar Odom: ‘So Happy Kendall and I Could Make You Smile’

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Lamar Odom Taken Off the Ventilator
He's breathing completely on his own.

Lamar Odom is smiling! 

We know that his road to recovery is not over, especially that he’s not completely out of the woods yet, but according to Kim Kardashian‘s latest Instagram post, everyone is very positive the NBA star be just fine.

She and her sister, Kendall Jenner flew back to Las Vegas on Saturday night (Oct. 17, 2015) to visit Odom, and revealed that the two made him smile. After reports emerged that he was out of his coma and had spoken to Khloé Kardashian, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Now, it’s just a matter of time until he’s back on his feet.

“I have faith in you. I believe in the power of prayer and positive energy!” the pregnant mom captioned her Instagram post. “Thank you all for your prayers! Lammy- I’m so happy Kendall & I could make you smile today! God is good!”

Kim’s update came just minutes after her mom Kris Jenner shared an old photo of herself, Khloé, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian posing with Odom years ago. 

As previously reported, Odom was taken off his ventilator and is breathing on his ownTMZ also reported that Saturday was “the best 24 hours he has had so far,” and even though some of his organs are still not responding, “his heart is still doing well.”