‘Buffy’ Star Nicholas Brendon Is Headed to Rehab, Reveals Suicide Attempts

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Buffy star Nicholas Brendon enters rehab, reveals suicide attempts

Nicholas Brendon is headed to rehab after a long, difficult year.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, who’s been arrested four times this year, revealed to his fans on Saturday that he’s planning on entering into a 90-day treatment facility. Brendon, 44, penned an explanation on Facebook:

I’m going to be going into a 90 day treatment program to fix myself and to understand the traumas of my mind. I love and appreciate you all so much…

He also wrote on Facebook over the weekend that he’s attempted suicide in the past:

I love you all so much and if I can help just one person by sharing my struggles and how I’m battling them than its all completely worth it. It’s been bad for me the last three years and I’ve had failed attempts at suicide.

Earlier this year, Brendon revealed his struggles with substance abuse as a result of childhood trauma. His rep released a statement saying in part that he “is battling a disease”:

He has been suffering from a lifelong desolation due to childhood trauma and he is finally coming to terms with what happened and where he sees himself in the future. This is the first time in his adult life that he is able to admit his troubles publicly, and he wants to do so while seeking the treatment that is best for him…

In June, Brendon entered rehab for substance abuse and rehab following his arrest for public intoxication in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He was arrested in February and March of this year for trashing a hotel rooms and for public intoxication. Earlier this month, he was arrested in Saratoga Springs, New York after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend; he was charged with criminal mischief, obstruction of breathing and robbery in the third degree. Last year, Brendon was arrested in Idaho for allegedly damaging property and resisting arrest.