Do You Have Elizabeth Berkley’s Jacket?

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elizabeth berkley's leather jacket
CREDIT: Instagram/Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley Hasn't Forgotten
Remember 'Showgirls?' She does too.

It’s her favorite leather jacket, and it’s currently missing.

Elizabeth Berkley has turned to the power of the Internet to see if she is one step closer to locating her favorite outerwear.

Over the weekend, the 43-year-old actress took a Delta flight and unfortunately, forgot to take said jacket with her when she got off the plane.

Needless to say, the Saved By the Bell alum isn’t all too excited about her missing garment:

Berkley, who’s also been receiving help from Delta via Twitter, wasn’t lying when she said this is her favorite jacket.  

Here she is just days ago with her son and her jacket:

Here’s the jacket giving Zack Morris a hug. Ugh, remember when Jessie and Zack briefly dated and then starred in the Bayside production of Snow White?

Here’s the jacket with actress Malin Akerman:

Here’s the jacket accessorized with a necklace made out of candy, proving leather jackets really go well with anything:

And here’s the jacket celebrating Valentine’s Day with a glass of vino:

Help her, Internet/Delta, won’t you?