Sarah Koenig Teases the ‘Controversial’ Second Season of ‘Serial’

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Sarah Koenig Serial Season Two
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The theme song of Serial is already stuck in our heads.

If you haven’t already listened to the entire first season of Serial, we recommend you do so now. And then maybe play it all over again, like we did, just for good measure.

The hit podcast, which dominated headlines last fall, is coming back next month (!!!!!!!!!!!) for its entirely new second season.

Sarah Koenig‘s podcast follows the 1999 murder case of Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee. Koenig tracked down family members, fellow high school students and other people surrounding the case asking the main question, Was ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed really the one who killed Hae? 

“Honestly, at first I didn’t know whether it was a good story, but I couldn’t shake it. I was like, ‘What if he is innocent and someone should be doing something about it? Wait, that someone could actually be me,'” Koenig told Glamour.

Not only did Sarah bring podcasts into the everyday lives of millions of people who had never downloaded such a thing before, but she successfully reopened the case and won a Peabody Award in the process.

The mom of two will be the first to tell you that handling a hit podcast hasn’t been a walk in the park. “I’m stressed, and I see my children less than I’d like to, but I like that they are seeing their mother work really hard at something she loves and getting the lesson that they can go do the thing they want to do,” she says.

Now, fans are gearing up for what’s sure to be their new obsession: the highly-anticipated second season of Serial. Set to be released next month, it follows an entirely new case. Although Sarah didn’t want to give anything away, she did hint that this season follows a somewhat familiar story.

“It’s our take on a news story that’s already caused a lot of brouhaha. It’s controversial,” she tells the magazine.

Yep, we’re already hooked.