#WCW: 25 Times Amber Rose Proved She’s One Hot Mama

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Happy 32nd birthday, Amber Rose! Let’s celebrate this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday by looking at her hottest looks ever.

When you think of Rose, you might envision her with her iconic shaved head, giant sunnies, and head-turning curves. However, in recent days, Rose has been proving to everyone that she is much more than what meets the eye. From being a red carpet icon to a single mom, our birthday girl does it all — and that is why she is forever our #WCW.

Whether she is showing off her sexy curves or speaking out about what she believes in, Rose has never been one to hold back. This year has been no different for Rose, who has used her outrageous fashion and uncensored voice to put an end to “slut shaming,” an issue she feels very strongly about. Rose and her BFF Blac Chyna arriving at the 2015 MTV Music Awards in matching skin-tight outfits covered in profanities like “slut,” “gold digger,” and “whore” in order to raise awareness for the cause was legendary — and we are not forgetting about it any time soon.

A lot has been on Rose’s plate as of late, what with her SlutWalk in Los Angeles on Oct. 3 and her feud with Khloe Kardashian. But one peek at this star’s Instagram reminds us that her biggest focus remains on her and Wiz Khalifa‘s two year old son, Sebastian “Bash” Thomaz.

The sweetest lips 😍

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The way she juggles being a celebrity, philanthropist, and mother is, just as her Instagram bio says, “femininely badass as fuck.”

So there you have it: Amber Rose is a total badass fashionista, feminist, and most importantly, mama. Let’s hope that this year brings her happiness and success.