An Embarrassed Jay Z Is the Best Jay Z

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jay z reacts to clip of himself rapping
CREDIT: YouTube/Screenshot
Is Tidal Over?
Some people are saying that Jay Z wants to leave Tidal.

You know that wonderful Jay Zlaugh he does sometimes? Now imagine it after watching an old clip of a young Jay rapping.

Before walking over to do his Tidal duty at the Barclays Center last night, Hova popped by Jimmy Kimmel Live down the street for a little chat (the show is taping in Brooklyn this week). The pair covered everything from how Brooklyn has changed over the years, Jay’s favorite pizza joint (which is currently closed for renovations), Beyoncé’s favorite pizza toppings, and Tidal, of course. Then this happened:

Yes, that’s a very young and preppy (!) looking Jay Z throwing down a few verses before ending his bit with a sweet little “peace” gesture.

Quick, someone show this to Blue Ivy so she can also get embarrassed.