Jeremy Renner and Remy Martin Launch the One Life/Live Them Campaign

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Who knew Jeremy Renner could belt out a tune?

Last night, The House of Rémy Martin and Actor/Musician/Producer/Home Renovator, Jeremy Renner, unveiled their exciting new global campaign, One Life/Live Them®, that recognizes and celebrates individual’s multi-talents. Jeremy Renner said, “This campaign represents all the different parts of me.”


“I am excited to work with this iconic brand and to help launch this new campaign. The story of how to live your life really resonates with me personally. I think to fully realize one’s potential you must take action, remain curious, embrace your failures, as they are gifts, and honor your successes with humility. We are all many things and cannot and should not be defined by one thing, which is truly awesome,” said Renner.

Jeremy Renner Remy Martin
CREDIT: Remy Martin

The night was action packed with such celebrities as Lucy Liu, Uzo Aduba, Laverne Cox, Kelly Rutherford, Jackie Cruz, Jesse Metcalfe and more came out to celebrate the new Rémy Martin campaign.

Guests enjoyed an immersive sensory experience taking them through a vineyard inspired space through a floor to ceiling cognac barrel culminating with a surprise musical performance by Jeremy Renner. Renner, performing with the blues/rock band, The Brother Sal, rocked the crowd with his vocal skills revealing that he has more talents than just acting.

Jeremy stunned the crowd with his vocal skills and revealed that he is in fact a serious musician. The stunning Laverne Cox was overheard saying, “That man can SING, he has an incredible voice” referring to Jeremy Renner.

Lucy Liu and Jeremy Renner were seen catching up and discussing upcoming projects while on the other side of the room it was a reunion for the OITNB cast, Uzo Aduba, Laverne Cox and Jackie Cruz, who spent some time together since they don’t really get to see each other on set.

Jeremy Renner Remy Martin
CREDIT: Patrick Yonally/Remy Martin

OITNB Actress Jackie Cruz said, “Really excited for the secret surprise performance and to be with my family tonight from OITNB Laverne Cox is here and Uzo Aduba, don’t always get to see them when filming so I’m excited we are all here together.

Asuba also revealed that she just dropped her first single on the Billboard charts yesterday and was so excited to unveil her musical talents, a side of her that fans have not yet discovered. The Emmy and SAG Award Winning actress gave some sound advice saying, “Live your best life, make every moment count, every day count and do everything in your power to be your strongest best self ”

Actress Kelly Rutherford said, “Today we are seeing all these boundaries that are being crossed in terms of what people are known for and all these other surprises and interests they have and its all about being expressed and its nice to Jeremy Renner doing this”

You have to see Jeremy’s action-packed ad for Remy Martin; it is quite brilliant. Watch the clip below.