Instant Follow Friday: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund and His Fashionable Alter-Egos

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And Now, Some Dachshunds Playing ‘Cops and Robbers’
Crusoe and Oakley are the cutest things you'll ever see

There are celebrity pets like Lady Gaga‘s dogs Asia and Koji, or Kylie Jenner‘s pup Norman; then there are pets that are celebrities like Crusoe, the most fashionable (and infamous) dachshund you’ll ever meet.

Crusoe loves to dress up: as a minion, as Batdog, as a chef…and so much more. He chronicles his alter-egos on Instagram, where he boasts a 76.2k following, and gets thousands of likes and “high-paws” for his adorable videos.

Exhibit A: Crusoe as Batdog and his brother Oakley as Robin save the day, also giving us inspiration for our own Halloween costumes.

Exhibit B: Crusoe and Oakley are our favorite minions. 

It’s the Wiener Minions!!! #minions #dachshund #cute #aww A video posted by Crusoe Dachshund (@crusoe_dachshund) on

Exhibit C: Crusoe is the perfect European adventurer.

Time to relive my Europe Trip with some short videos leading up to one final one! Starting with… Paris!

A video posted by Crusoe Dachshund (@crusoe_dachshund) on

Crusoe is also coming out with his first book Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire on Oct. 27 (which is available for pre-order on Amazon now!), published by St. Martin’s Griffin.  It’ll feature cute snapshots, short stories, dating advice, funny recipes and more.

In honor of Crusoe and all of our furry friends out there, check out the best of his Instagram in the gallery above for this week’s Instant Follow Friday. Check out Crusoe’s award-winning blog here, and follow him on Instagram @crusoe_instagram.

For more information about his book tour including dates and locations, see here. Order Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund: Adventures of the Wiener Dog Extraordinaire here.