Russell Brand Appears to Slam Relationship with Katy Perry in New Documentary

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Russell Brand and Katy Perry weren’t married for long, and in his new documentary, Brand opens up about the split.

Some consider Russell to be bashing Perry in a sneak peek of BRAND: A Second Coming. The trailer for the film goes into how, after marrying Perry, his life seemed to be growing into something he never wanted.

According to reports, a trip to Africa for Comic Relief shifted Brand’s values. The Daily Mailgoes on to report that in the film, Brand says, “I’m associated with the very thing I detest: vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity. That’s the very sea we’re swimming in, ‘Oh, who’s he?’ ‘He’s married to Katy Perry’.”

“You married Katy Perry,” a little girl can be seen telling Brand in the trailer, to which he jokes, “Shut up about that!”

“I’ve now seen what happens if you make money in Hollywood… fame, power and money is bullshit,” he says later on.

The video also includes news coverage of his highly-publicized relationship and breakup with Perry, along with his statement, “I’ve got to live a different life now.” The two were married to from Oct. 2010 until Dec. 2011.

Following their breakup, Russell told 60 Minutes, “Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it don’t… But if you sort of sense there’s an incompatibility, then in any relationship regardless of the status of the individual, it kind of is best to go separate ways.”

Watch the sneak peek for the upcoming documentary, BRAND: A Second Coming above!