WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Explains How He Almost Sabotaged His Hand (Again)

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Two words, Jimmy: Hand insurance.

Jimmy Fallon took to his Tonight Showsoapbox to explain the latest incident that compromised his arm appendages (read: hands). At a ceremony on Saturday to receive The Harvard Lampoon’s Elmer Award, Fallon was approaching the band with an appreciative bottle of Jägermeister when a young woman kneeled to give him flowers and accidentally caused him to trip. “So I threw the bottle and just landed on broken glass,” says Fallon. “And there were pools of blood everywhere.”

Nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.

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The hospital regular was quickly bandaged to health and returned to the evening’s ceremony.

Fallon severely injured his other hand in July when he fell in his apartment and his wedding finger caught on the end of a table.

Watch Fallon’s full story, plus an adorable home video of his son in the video at the top of the page.