Lionel Richie Says to Adele: ‘I Kind of Own Hello’

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Greetings come at a high retail these days.

Whether or not Adele was looking for Lionel Richie on the other side of her “Hello“, he was there and eager to respond. Nicole Richie‘s father played along by posting a music video mash-up of his own when the Internet pointed out that his 1983 version of the greeting was all too similar to that in Adele’s latest music video.

Richie spoke out on “Hello”-gate to DuJour Magazine at a celebration for his new accessories collection in New York City. He tells the magazine, “I was so amazed, everyone said, ‘Lionel, Adele is doing your song ‘Hello,” and I said, ‘No she’s not,’ and all of a sudden I heard ‘Hello’.”

The singer revealed that although he would prefer no one other than Adele to produce a song similar to his, there remains one little problem. “Well, I kind of Hello,” he laughs. “But not to the point where it’s any problem.”

“I’ll loan ‘Hello’ to Adele.”

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