Nicki Minaj Gets Offended and Controversial This Halloween

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Nicki Minaj Gets Offended and Controversial This Halloween
Beyoncé and Nicki' Best BFF Moments
Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj have been friends for quite some time now.

Nicki Minaj commented on a photo of a Bill Cosby-scandal-inspired costume on her Instagram, noting that, “Our generation is so desensitized,” in the caption.

However, Minaj herself is catching heat for appearing to make fun of an individual in a wheelchair that same day.

While hosting the Nicki’s Funhouse Event at the 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas, Nicki waved her costume fairy wand at a woman in a wheelchair and commanded her to walk.

She joked, “Now if only I could find Handi-Man” and then burst out laughing. Minaj was referring to the Handi-Man character from an In Living Color skit, who dubbed himself a handicapped superhero.

Our generation is so desensitized

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However, Nicki’s fans were quick to defend her in the comments, noting that the woman in the power chair is actually her makeup artist.

Nicki has yet to clarify either way.