WATCH: Selena Gomez Fangirls Over Amy Schumer in the Most Delightfully Creepy Way

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J-Law has some stiff competition in the BFF category.

Selena Gomez presented comedienne Amy Schumer with the Hollywood Comedy Award at the 19th Annual Hollywood Film Awards on Sunday, Nov. 2 with an endearing introduction speech that represented the mildly creepy fangirl in all of us.

“I talk about her obsessively. I’ve tweeted her often. I try to impersonate her and it doesn’t really work,” says Gomez to the Beverly Hilton Hotel audience. “I actually just met her so basically what I’m saying is I’m really happy that clearly Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t able to do this tonight because I love you.”

The Revival artist revealed that Schumer’s comedy makes her feel like a badass.

“You say the things I wish I could say and you never, ever make me feel bad about anything I do in my personal life.”The Trainwreck writer accepted her award on behalf of young women who are confident and proud in their work before stumbling out of eloquence and into Schumer realness.

“Like what the f–k am I talking about? Like, shut up Amy! Who cares!?”

Watch Selena Gomez’s introduction speech in the video featured at the top of the page.