#WCW: The Badass Beauties of the Bond Films

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We all know the Bond Girls.

Since the first James Bond movie premiered in 1962, the Bond Girls’ exceptional beauty and show-stopping outfits have captured our attention. In honor of a Seydoux and Monica Belucci starring in the upcoming Spectre, we at Celebuzz are calling the Bond Girls our Women Crush Wednesday.

Who could forget when Ursula Andress, as Honey Rider, emerged from the sea in that sexy white bikini? The scene from the first Bond film, Dr. No, has been forever marked in time as an iconic moment in fashion history, with sales of the two-piece skyrocketing along with our envy of the original Bond Girl’s perfection. As the film series continues and more actresses join the exclusive Bond Girl club, we begin to question what makes them so captivating.

What is it that makes us idolize the actresses of the Bond series? Is it their flawless looks? Is it their badass attitudes? Spectre director Sam Mendes confirms that it takes a combination of both to be the ultimate Bond Girl, revealing to Vanity Fair that 51-year-old Belucci shows up at “five in the morning, ready to rehearse” wearing nothing but “an absolutely drop-dead black catsuit.”

So here’s to the untouchable women of the Bond films for always inspiring us to be fierce — no matter what. Happy #WCW, Bond Girls!