Kylie Jenner Wants to Keep Her Fights and Breakups with Tyga Private

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Just because she’s the Queen of social media, doesn’t mean Kylie Jenner wants her fans to know everything about her, especially when it comes to her boyfriend Tyga.

The 18-year-old reality TV star is on the cover of this month’s issue of Elle Canada, where she revealed that her mother Kris was very much against her lip injections. She also opened up about her “pretty organic” relationship with Tyga, which they made super public back in August when she officially turned 18 (and became legal for her to date the 25-year-old rapper).

Jenner told the magazine there are some aspects to their relationship she’d like to keep private, which must be hard given her immense social media following and reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “I do think that if you let people in too deep, it gets hard,” she commented. “Your fans get too invested, and then they know when you break up and make up. I don’t want people to know every time we fight or break up, so I’d rather keep some things private.”

“I don’t think I will ever be super-public about my relationships,” she added.

Well, at least she tries. Back in June (and when Jenner was still underaged), some people were saying that Tyga was having a three-year affair on the youngest Kardashian with transgender model Mia Isabella. Kylie never commented on the cheating scandal, and Tyga denied it ever happened, but there were NSFW dick pics that leaked making the allegations that much more believable.

Kylie has the same sentiment when it comes to her friends as well. She explained,

When I first started on [KUWTK], I didn’t want anyone to know who my friends were and you never saw any of them onscreen with me. I always wanted to keep my family life on the show, and when it came to me hanging out with my friends and doing, you know, teenage stuff, I wanted to keep that private – and I still do.

Jenner and her beau stepped out last night for a casual dinner date at Casa Vega in L.A. with some friends, and even in sneakers and a grey sweater, Jenner can make anything look chic.

She paired an oversized grey coat with ripped white pants and a grey sweater, looking perfectly ready for fall:

kylie jenner style fashion grey coat white pants sneakers at casa vega restaurant with tyga

Meanwhile, Tyga’s winter boots were more questionable…


Click through the gallery above for more pics of Kylie and Tyga at Casa Vega.