Don’t Ask Katelyn Nacon to Lead Your ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Apocalypse

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Exclusive Interview
CREDIT: AMC/Robert Kazandijan

Or else you might end up dead(er).

Katelyn Nacon has more things to be concerned about than just a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world like her character Enid on AMC’s The Walking Dead. She’s a rising actress with credits which include Resurrection and Adult Swim’s dark comedy Too Many Cooks, which forced us to reconsider our existence a thousand times overThe 16-year-old released an EP in March called Love in May to show off her vocal talents, barring the special skill listed on her acting résumé as “high-pitched screaming”.

Yes, that’s a thing. Yes, it’s worked to her benefit.

Nacon spoke exclusively with Celebuzz! about Enid, her plans to take over a secluded island, the dead person that she would re-animate to achieve the musical collaboration of her dreams.

CELEBUZZ: Has developing the character of Enid made you realize anything about yourself? Do you see yourself in her in any way?

KN: I would definitely say I see some of myself in Enid because usually when I play a role I just put myself through what that character’s been through. So, pretty much how Enid acted is how I would have acted considering I went through all the same things she did. Hopefully that never happens because I don’t think I would want myself to go through or feel the way she does.

CBYour character on The Walking Dead is at the center of many plot conspiracy theories, including one that suggests that she might be a spy for the Wolves. Since you can’t technically debunk these rumors, tell us the most ridiculous fan theory you’ve heard about Enid that’s totally not true.

Katelyn Nacon: Well there’s this whole thing that when Enid left Alexandria she took Judith with her which, to me at least, make no sense because if her main motto is “just survive somehow”, why would she decide to take a baby with her? That would definitely not help when it comes to surviving on your own.

CB: If you were the leader of a pack of post-apocalyptic zombies, where in Atlanta, Georgia would you want to take over first?

KN: Forget about Georgia! I would be getting my butt out of there and on some secluded island where there aren’t any dead people walking around. Also, I don’t think I would be able to be a leader. That is way too many decisions to make and too much responsibility to have.

“Knowing me I’d choose this one area in Georgia to take over which turns out to be the most infected area and I get my whole group killed. I don’t really do well with responsibility.”

CB: Working on a gruesome show like The Walking Dead requires some pretty thick skin. Do you have any fears or phobias?

KN: Bugs. No matter the size or how harmless they are, just… no.

CB:Who are the artists or bands that have influenced your music career?

KN: I don’t really have any influences. I can never choose a favorite artist, band. I guess I haven’t had the chance to be inspired because after I listen to or get stuck on an artist I move on to the next.

CB: What inspires your lyrics?

KN: It seems that lately I write my music when I just have a lot of emotions built up in me that I need to get out. It used to be I would get a catchy tune in my head and then would just put some lyrics to it.

CB:  If you had to collaborate with one musical artist (dead, alive, or zombie) who would it be?

KN: Frank Sinatra, because yes.

CB: You list “high-pitched screaming” as one of your talents. Has there ever been a time when this skill came in handy?

KN: Yep! I was in the musical Zombie Prom and they needed someone to scream in the beginning of the show, so they had this little contest to see who could scream the best and I won.

CB: You can really rock a bold lip color. Which lipstick is your favorite right now?

KN: Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipstick in the color Craft. It’s SO pretty!

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 9 p.m EST on AMC. Purchase Katelyn Nacon’s EP Love in May on iTunes.