Let Beyoncé Remind You Why the Carter Family Had the Best Halloween Costumes

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Beyonce Is Storm
Ciara got a really good present from Queen Bey.

Who run the world Halloween 2015?

Only Beyoncé is allowed to still talk about Halloween, nine days after Halloween. On Monday (Nov. 9), Queen Bey took to her official website to share some brand new photos of herself and her family celebrating All Hallows Eve at a private party at 1Oak in New York City.

Let’s be honest here: Blue Ivy stole the show with her Imani Izzi outfit from Coming to America. (Apologies to Jay Z’s Prince Akeem ‘stash and Bey’s Queen Aoleon flair).

In related news, Queen Bey’s 50.5 million Instagram followers were treated to a new behind-the-scenes video from the superstar’s recent appearance in BEAT. That is one lucky (and fluffy) chicken:

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Launch the gallery, above, for more photos from of the Carter Family’s Halloween celebration. And let’s hope we all get invited to their bash next year.