Bethenny Frankel Believes Taylor Swift Would Survive on ‘The Real Housewives of New York’

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She would just ‘Shake It Off’.

Only New York’s truthiest business mogul Bethenny Frankel could manage to disguise healthful snacks under the guise of such flavors including Rich Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter with Sea Salt and Lemon Swirl.

Hungry for a snack yet?

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, Frankel celebrated the launch of her latest Skinnygirl protein bars and shakes with a pop-up café in Union Square. “People get hangry,” she dishes to Celebuzz aboard a Skinnygirl bus before handing out samples to fans. “You’re rude, you’re snappy, you make bad food choices, and if you go have a drink it’s like having five drinks because you have nothing in your stomach. In that case, you make really bad choices because you’re buzzed and don’t care anymore. It’s a vicious cycle.”


Her delicious new line of healthy snacks arrives just in time for the holiday season when cravings for tempting desserts tend to strike with a vengeance. However, Frankel wants you to have your cake and eat it too, given that her Skinnygirl brand embraces a balance of discipline and indulgence. She suggests the tip from her first book “Naturally Thin” of snacking mindfully before entering situations that might compromise your diet.

Do spoil your appetite so when you’re going out to a party or even in your office and you see those cupcakes or popcorn tins, you have to have your weapon loaded.”

Between Skinnygirl’s frothy shakes and protein bars that taste like brownies, we suggest that you take her advice and run.

So how does this busy B find balance in a city that never sleeps? “Yoga. I do a lot of yoga,” says Frankel. “I do a fair amount of drinking cocktails, and whenever I meet with my daughter, that’s balance. Snuggling in bed with when she goes to bed at 8:30 p.m., and I get in bed at the same time, which balances me half of the time.”

The Skinnygirl ambassador reveals her own craving for stimulating conversation with a like-minded businesswoman in the entertainment industry at the end of her marathon workdays. “I would like to play with a better tennis player in business because right now everybody wants to be a businessperson,” says Frankel. “Many of my friends are asking me, ‘What do I do? I want white-space. I want to get in.’ I don’t think they realize what a day like today is.”

“People just see the little moments when I have some mascara on, and forget that these protein bars and shakes are just one of my 14 brands.”

She gives props to entrepreneurs in Hollywood like Jessica Alba and Kathy Ireland, but has yet to be impressed by the number of female celebrities who are “knee-deep” in their brands. Though, when asked if Taylor Swift could make the Real Housewives cut, Frankel has faith that NYC’s reigning empress would stand her ground amid the drama.

“I think Taylor Swift would survive anywhere. She would ‘Shake It Off’.”

You can find Bethenny’s Skinnygirl protein products at your nearest Walmart, with the single exception of her imagined New York City-flavored protein bar. “It would have to be about the Big Apple, so I guess apple cobbler with a drizzle of chocolate or white chocolate,” she devises. “You have to have the New York apple if it’s going to represent this city.”