Chris Hemsworth Is Scared of Comedy

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Use laughter to combat Thor.

Chris Hemsworth opens up in the December issue of Glamour magazine about that time that he spent two months sailing and throwing harpoons for the “Moby Dick”-inspired In the Heart of the Sea. He explains to the magazine that he brought the project to director Ron Howard to consider. “He said it was an intimidating thing because of the logistics of shooting on the water,” says Hemsworth. “But then he thought, Oh well. What the hell? Let’s give it a go. And that’s how it took off.”

Coming off of his 4,000 calorie meal plan to pack on the pounds for Thorthe actor’s diet of fish and vegetables was a complete shock to his system.

“None of us had to act hungry or exhausted because we all felt it.”

He tells Glamour that the prospect of doing funny films was an intimidating endeavor. “The thought of doing comedy always scared the hell out of me, but I’ve never had so much fun as on the set of Ghostbusters,” he says. “With Kristen Wiigand Melissa McCarthy, I was either laughing all the time or just trying to keep it together.”

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