WATCH: Kerry Washington Toots Her Tuba for Ellen DeGeneres’s 2000th Show

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A fanfare for Ellen DeGeneres would be incomplete without a visit from the Pope.

Kerry Washington drops by The Ellen DeGeneres Showon Thursday, Nov. 12 to celebrate the daytime host’s 2,000th episode. Among surprise drop-ins from DeGeneres’s first guest ever, Jennifer Aniston, and second guest, Justin Timberlake, Washington brought along her Scandal character’s signature wine goblets and vino to drink to the big accomplishment.

The booze began flowing with a shot of tequila at the top of the show when Peter Roth, President and CEO of Warner Bros. announced that they will be dedicating Stage 1 to the talk show, consecrated as the Ellen stage!

Watch Kerry Washington play the tuba for the first time in her life for charity in the video featured at the top of the page.