Josh Hutcherson Jokes About His ‘Hunger Games’ Co-Stars, ‘Liam Eats A Sh*t Ton’

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Josh Hutcherson has spent a lot of time with his Hunger Games co-stars over the years.

So, that entitles him to embarrass them a little bit. The 23-year-old actor talked to DuJour magazine about what filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 was like.

Liam [Hemsworth] eats a shit ton,” he tells the mag. “We were in Paris filming and it was the greatest craft services in the world. They would bring around these little French sandwiches all day. And every time the gal would come around with a basket of them, Liam would grab like three and pound them down.”

The actor added that over the course of getting to know everyone through filming the franchise, Liam opened up more as time went on. “Liam seems to be talking more; he was a mute at one point. Maybe that’s the one thing that changed. Liam is now just as much of an idiot as we all are. We all dumbed each other down a bunch,” he joked.

Josh added that Academy Award-winner Julianne Moore was the best at remembering lines on set, while Woody Harrelson was the jokester. “He fucks with you off camera,” Josh said. “He lives in his own world. It’s the greatest. Sometimes if he’s off camera he’ll make this face. You can’t make eye contact with him. I don’t even know what it is. There’s a twinkle in his eye, like, We’re shooting a movie. It takes you out of it. It’s the funniest shit.”

So, what will the guy who plays Peeta miss most about the whole experience? Spending time with the rest of the cast. “I’m gonna miss our little summer camp adventures. Every town we went to, our little group would go out to dinner,” he told the publication. “We’d go to bars together. It was a moving unit. I’m definitely gonna miss that a lot. There was just a good vibe on set.”

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