This Is What Khloé Kardashian Keeps in Her Baking Cabinet

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khloe kardshian kitchen containers pantry baking cabinet cupboards organized
CREDIT: Khloé Kardashian

Who knew Khloé Kardashian had such a sweet tooth?

Now that we’ve seen her super organized pantry and well-stocked fridge, the reality star is opening up the doors to her state-of-the-art kitchen’s baking cabinet. In a new video posted to her website, the 31-year-old reveals exactly what she keeps around for when she has the urge to whip up a batch of sweet treats. (Maybe this explains why she keeps so much butter in her refrigerator?)

“I absolutely adore baking with my niece and nephews. It’s super fun,” Kardashian says. “I love baking by myself, so what I like to do is have a cabinet dedicated to all my baking essentials.”

khloe kardashian baking cabinet kitchen containers pantry
CREDIT: Khloé Kardashian

According to Kardashian, she keeps everything labeled in air-tight containers. She also stores all her sprinkles and cookie toppings in individual plastic bins with their own built-in miniature scoops — just like these ones we found on Amazon!

“I know everyone’s not going to go this far,” she notes. “How cute is all this?”

What else does she keep in her cupboards? Here are just some of Kardashian’s baking must-haves that we spotted (so you don’t have to shell out $2.99 to access her grocery list):


“All my baking stuff is right by the oven,” she adds. “Everything makes sense in this kitchen, you guys.”